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Angels Academy is committed to developing a strong educational foundation rooted in morals and ethics and nourished by lifelong learning skills.

s any parent knows, leaving your child is never easy, but Angels Academy makes it easier by providing a safe, nurturing, expressive environment. By incorporating learning into all activities, your child will thrive and enjoy the Angels difference. Parents can feel secure leaving their children in our care as we pride ourselves on treating every child equally and as our own. We invite you to learn more about Angels Academy while exploring options for your child's new home away from home.

Preschool-Pre-K-Kindergarten-First Grade

**2015 January Semester - Now Enrolling**

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Preschool - Pre-Kindergarten - Kindergarten - First Grade and After School Programs

ur teachers are trained extensively to enable children to reach their highest potential. Positive interaction is essential between staff and child, as well as between staff and parents. At Angels Academy, we strive to maintain open dialogue with parents. This includes regular updates pertaining to your child's activities, developmental changes, educational advancements and social welfare.

Angels Academy provides a stimulating environment that caters to each child's individuality and development. Our school building and campus are secure, safe, clean and energizing. The state-of-the-art facility was designed to provide an inspirational environment for the care and education of children.


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